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Whakakotahitanga Te Ara Matauranga

Working Together for Education in Auckland

We, the people agree that learning enriches the lives of all people. Without learning, our place and its people cannot prosper. To learn better, we will share what works, exchange dreams for the future and take bold action together.

Kotahi te ha o te kaumatua, me te ha o te mokopuna.
We share a single breath, a community of vision, spirit and a role in the generation of new life.

We acknowledge...

  • all Aucklanders need learning to support Auckland's social, cultural and economic growth.
  • the principles of te Tiriti o Waitangi and the bicultural foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • the earliest and most important learning is in the home, with parents and whanau.
  • great learning in the early years leads to greater achievements in life.
  • outstanding educational leadership and quality teaching a re crucial for edcuational success.
  • everybody - parents, whanau, community, education professionals, learners, private and public organisations - has responsibility for learning.

We will know we are succeeding when...

  • every Aucklander, child or adult, has access to quality learning when and how they need it.
  • Maori have the opportunity to excel in learning and realise their cultural distinctiveness and potential.
  • all children experience quality learning in their early years.
  • all young people leave school with at least NCEA Level 2 and a learning plan showing a pathway to employment and further learning.
  • every parent and whanau has access to information and support to help children on their learning journeys.
  • Pacific people have the opportunity to excel in learning and realise their cultural distinctiveness and potential.
  • migrants have access to the education and learning they need to settle and thrive in Auckland.
  • Aucklanders have the literacy, language and numeracy skills to thrive in Auckland.
  • families, education organisations and communities collaborate to raise educational achievement in Auckland.

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Sign the Learning Auckland Accord 

Signing the AccordThank you for taking the time to sign your name to the Learning Auckland Accord!

You are about to join a growing collective of individuals and organisations who understand the power education has to transform the future of our city and who are committed to taking action to support education for our children, families, businesses and communities.

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If you wish to commit to the Accord without having your name on the website, please email instead of filling in this form and we will ensure your name is not on the public signatory list. 

With everyone working together in the same direction, we can improve the life prospects of all Aucklanders.

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